Why are schools bags so heavy? Bhopal Court


Taking suo moto cognizance, the Bhopal district court on Tuesday issued a notice to the Bhopal district education office for not implementing the school-bag policy which aims to lessen the weight children have to carry to school every day.

Citing TOl's report of June 28, 'School bags adding to the weight on young shoulders', the court sought a reply on why the policy is not being followed despite instructions from the HRD ministry. The court has given 15 days to reply.

Issuing the rotice, district judge SPS Bundela said that the Union government had issued instructions on November 24, 2020, to state governments to follow the school-bag policy. The court mentioned the Supreme Court decision on Salil Bali Vs Union government in the order.

"Heavy school bags are a big concern and the school bag policy should be

mplemented. I have issued a notice to the DEO Bhopal. Children are an important part of society. The policy must be implemented without any delay," judge Bundela told TOI.

He added that there is an urgent need to follow the recommendations. "We can't develop a generation facing such a problem at such a tender age." Via:TOI

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