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 Gulab Jamun Kooku Web Series Review

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the upcoming web series 2022 hindi. We are talking about kooku original platform new web series gulab jamun.  After about 2 months, the kooku platform was derailed for a long time, but after about 2 months, it has returned again on the occasion of a special festival.

After Tomatino, people were waiting for a new web series but after almost 2 months the waiting clocks are over.  But it is true that if something is asked from the heart, it is definitely found.  Similarly, the promo of new web series Gulab jamun of kooku platform is being liked a lot.  The story is quite tremendous and even more tremendous is the trailer which has so far been seen up to 35 thousand in 12 hours. 

Gulab Jamun Kooku Web Series Release Date

With story time and cast acting, audience is getting the filling of Kooku web series come back after a long time.  Everything is measured and put into the story.  As far as the release date is concerned, the Kooku Original web series gulab jamun is going to be released on 8th May.

Gulab Jamun Kooku Web Series Cast & Story

Episode NameGulab Jamun
Series NameGulab Jamun
Genre18+, Adult / Romance
Running TimeComming soon
TypeWeb Series
OTT Video PlatformKOOKU App
Available onKOOKU App
CastRajsi Verma
Ayesha Pathan
DirectorAzaad Bharti
Online StreamingKOOKU App
Production CompanyKOOKU App Digital Private Limited
Release Date8 May 2022
Web Series onKOOKU App

Even before this, we keep on bringing new web series with release date information for you every day.  But finally in gulab jamun everything is being seen perfect from beginning to end. But today you are being given the first information about the upcoming web series.  Viewers say that once again due to the arrival of good content, the craze of the looking platform is seen increasing continuously.  Some viewers say that in the new web series gulab jamun of kooku platform, Ayesha Pathan and Rajsi Verma are seen in the lead roles.

Some people say that the casting has been kept quite well and the supporting cast has also been kept quite perfect.  The concept of the next level is there, so the promo has been liked a lot so far. Today we have first brought you a new web series with release date. If you have not seen gulab jamun promo yet, then you can see on the link given in our information. The web series will be a flop, it will be a hit or it will be a superhit, you can tell by commenting.

Watch Gulab Jamun Web Series for free

Come on friends, let me tell you how you can watch this web series for free, where and how you can watch the first part second part of this web series that too in full HD as well as both these web series  You can watch only and only now, then friends, let me tell you the link of these two web series, you will get the link in our telegram channel.

Watch Gulab Jamun Kooku web series leaked for free

Where and how can you watch the first part second part of this web series, that too in full HD as well as I will also tell you by whom you can go directly to watch these two web series only and only now, so  Friends, let me tell you the link of both these web series, you will get the link in our telegram channel.

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Along with the information you need to download and see how.  You will get to know on our website and along with this we will also provide you a direct download link, before that you join our telegram channel, you will be given a link to the movie related to the upcoming web series New Movie there.  By going from here, you will be able to easily watch sitting at home, that too for free.


There are some big sites on the internet, with the help of which you can download and watch these web series and also you can watch this web series online with the help of this website but avoid this and go to the official website. Watch all the episodes of this download Gulab Jamun on the official platform kooku.  Avoid using torrent websites and Telegram to download the latest kooku web series.

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