Best Mobile Games on Android and iOS Right Now

 With more capable smartphones, games have become richer in terms of graphics and gameplay. While some titles are graphics intensive, there are casual games as well that work fine on older devices. So, whether you want to play puzzle, racing, action, or strategy-based games, we have curated a list of top mobile games that you can play on Android and iOS in 2022. 

1. Genshin Imcpat :

There are many role-playing games on mobile, but Genshin Impact is the best in terms of depth and style. This game is set in the imaginary world of Tevyat, with seven different element-based nations. It features easy to understand combat mechanics, an anime-style open-world environment and an action-based battle system. This is one of the better free-to-play titles for smartphones — provided you have a capable enough smartphone. 

2.Minecraft :

Minecraft is a cross-platform title, available on virtually every gaming platform, from consoles and PC to mobile devices, with over 140 million active monthly users. It is generally referred to as a survival game, but it also offers powerful creation tools. In Minecraft, you can explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. 

3.PUBG Mobile:

When we are talking about the best mobile games, we can’t forget to mention Battlegrounds Mobile India. BGMI is pretty much like all-time favourite PUBG Mobile, with only a few branding differences. You'll find weapons like the AKM, AWM, and all the familiar guns across the maps, so there's nothing new on that front. For both new and old players, the end goal of the game remains the same: be the last person standing. 

4.Call of Duty:

Another popular multiplayer and battle royale mobile shooting game is Call of Duty. The first mobile game from the venerable first-person shooter franchise, it features core modes like Frontline, Domination, Search & Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, and Free for All. You can also play special modes that are introduced for specific events. It is also regularly updated with new maps, events, operators and weapons.

5.Real Racing 3: 

Real Racing 3 is almost a decade old, it can still be considered one of the best racing games available on Android and iOS. It focusses on simulation-style racing, which means cars handle and feel quite similar to their real-life counterparts. Real Racing 3 is free to download and play, but certain features require in-game purchases using in-game currency. 

6.Asphalt 9: Legends:

This is one of the most popular racing games on mobile. It offers good graphics, exciting arcade-style gameplay, stunning courses based on real-world places, and an impressive roster of vehicles. Although Asphalt 9: Legends is a free to play game, you can pay in order to progress faster in the game and to get access to better vehicles and upgrades.

7.Monument Valley 2:

 Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game. You get to navigate beautifully designed three-dimensional puzzles and mazes in order to complete the level. This game features incredibly well-designed puzzles that will have you racking your brain for ways for a solution, while featuring melodic soundscapes that respond to various interactions. 

8.Mini Metro:

Mini Metro is a strategy puzzle game that is about creating subway maps. The end goal of the game is to create a path that is efficient for everyone, allowing citizens to reach their stations on time. Its UI is pretty straightforward and minimal. The game offers around 13 different maps, ranging from New York, Paris, London, and more. This game revolves around you building bridges. Thanks for Reading......

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